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Hootsuite Review: Details, Features, And Price

To transform your company to a digital one, you need a tool like Hootsuite. Check out this post to know more about this tool.

What is Hootsuite?

Known as a software tool that helps companies to come up with better social media plans and activities, Hootsuite can help your company to revolutionize communication platform. Moreover, this tool empowers you to convert your company’s message to a meaningful asset for customers.

When it comes to optimizing your social web to create better marketing campaigns, Hootsuite is right for the task. It can also help to send a targeted message to a specific group of people and channels.

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With this tool, you can utilize a social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to market your post. Moreover, it allows you to track trending campaigns that you can use to build new strategies. 

Highlighted Hootsuite Features

  • Advanced Social Media Accounts Management

One of Hootsuite biggest feature that convinced thousands of companies to use this tool, is its ability to manage your company’s social media accounts. In other words, these tools empower you to control different accounts in one click.

With this brilliant tool, you do not have to remember annoying details like username, passwords, to name a few inside your head anymore. Moreover, you do not have to sign in for a different account when you need to post something, Hootsuite allows you to do it with few clicks right away.

  • Better Connection With Client And Customers

Its features enable your company to increase the relationship with clients and customers via the social media platform. This tool has over 35 popular social networks connected.

These include popular platform like Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress blogs, Google+, and many more.

  • Advanced Use of Social Analytics

With Hootsuite, you can now collect useful data for your company like a new brand, products, and many more. Moreover, this tool allows you to create and build insightful reports by presenting you with its brilliant 30 reports template.

Hootsuite also protects your company data both from social media mobile and web account. It also comes in varying languages like Italian, French, Japanese, and many more.

Hootsuite Pricing Plan

Hootsuite does offer with Free Trial plan for you to get used to it. It also comes with other plans like  Professional for $19/month, Team for $99/month, and Business for $499/month. As for a bigger plan like Enterprise, you need to contact the vendor.  

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