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Acquire Review: Features, Details, And Everything That You Must Know

Directing your company towards digital transformation can be easier with too like  Acquire. Check out this post to find out more about this brilliant tool.

What is Acquire?

Known as a multi-channel customer communication software that can help companies to increase chat capability, Acquire is a tool that you need if you want to take your company’s communication platform to another level. Moreover, this tool offers multiple options like tools for onboarding and sales.

Acquire has other features like screen sharing while making calls, texts and even live video. It also comes with advanced tools like instant file sharing, voice recognition, live calls recording, and many more.

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Acquire Highlighted Features

•    Advanced Personalized Support

You can have faster and better-personalized support with Acquire, offering tons of impressive collection tools and features. Moreover, customer satisfaction will never be a thing you have to worry about anymore as this tool comes with chat and screen-sharing capabilities, empowering you to engage your customer smarter.

Acquire allows you to know more about clients with its instant access to updated customer profiles, information, and data. With this, you can provide a better solution and support to your customer instantly.

•    Advanced Intelligent Chatbots

Handling simple tasks can never be easier with Acquire’s chatbots. These digital forces are equipped with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, giving better customer service as it handles easily to complicate queries.

For complex questions that require advanced responses, chatbots automatically course them to human representatives depending on the triggers and rules you set.

•    Transform Visitors to Committed Customers

Every customer loves a company that can give them what they want right away. With Acquire, you can transform visitors into paying customers, giving them better connection and support.

Moreover, it opens up different opportunities, leading to huge profits and sales.

Acquire Pricing Plans:

Acquire does offer a free trial for you to experience it at firsthand. Aside from the free version, it comes with Premium Plan that costs around $35/agent/month, and Team Plan for $250/agent/month.

What is Digital Transformation?

One reason why people get confused about what this solution is, it is because the digital transformation will look different for every business. When your company applies this method, it will completely different from what you saw from another enterprise.

Digital transformation can be defined as an integration method that combines digital technology into all areas of your business. It then results in improvement and changes to how your business work or operate.

Moreover, this process can be considered as a cultural change that pushes companies and enterprises to improve their status quo, experimenting trial and error. In other words, this system can change your entire business process, building new and improve practices that result in a huge success.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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